Step up


For my heart and my mind  that see needs and an opportunities,
and for my body that takes actions,
bringing happiness into the life!



Apple and Blackberry Strudel

A classic Viennese sweet pastry with an autumnal twist. A deliciously simple, vegan version packed with autumnal goodness. Also sugar-free :). Great with morning coffee, or served as a dessert with cream, custard or ice-cream. I’ve been collecting blackberries and apples in the last week or two, so I couldn’t resist adapting the traditional version […]

via Apple and Blackberry Strudel — VEGAN FOOD FOR PEACE



Wisdom and experience of the teachers… they save us time, mistakes and failures.

I am so grateful!!!

Think of a person who took a place of the teacher in any area of the life – personal, financial, relationship, career and ponder on how your life has changed.

In what area of life YOU have some expertise and would share it?

Answer in comments and find people who need you! Click like if you have some amazing teachers or experiences!

It’s a privilege !


Acknowledge someone’s importance in your life. To be with that person, have some place in their life is truly a privilege.

Have you ever thought about it? They give you a place, a space and some part of their life time! I can hardly imagine something  more valuable than time and attention .

Let us appreciate it today!