Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 1 (by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

“Family substitutes everything. Therefore, before you create it, it is worthy to think what is more important for you – everything or family.” F. Ranevskaya

We have got used to name a partner as a companion in life. But in this very expression the subconscious desire to predominate is hidden, and it makes us unhappy, and frequently simply destroys our family relations. We create the microcosm, perceiving myself as the Universe center and the partner as the satellite which should fly in a circle around us and carry out all our whims. I am very big and important, and he/she simply is a small satellite. Time has come to put things in our small world in order. Our beloved is not the satellite but our Sun that gives both light and warmth. The egocentrism is a principal cause of all problems in family life, it causes constant opposition. Both individuals want to find an accompanying person and as a result struggle with each other for the right to be the Universe center. It is a kind of star wars in microcosm.

Remember: the partner is not the companion, but an object of my service.Image


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