Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 3 (by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

The partner is sent us by God for us to receive everything we deserve. If we by the acts in the past have deserved an award, then it will be handed over to us fully. And if we have done nonsense, the messenger of God will not be stingy and will pass it all to us. We should not be upset with the mailman who simply does the work. We, having read the letter, start to fight with mailman, and say: You have spoiled my life. As a result of such a behavior postmen simply doesn’t want to come to us anymore and we start to complain about  loneliness. There is no loneliness; there is an unwillingness to perceive the partner as messenger from God with the message containing consequences of our activity.


Remember: one who is angry at the mailman stops receiving letters.



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