Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 4 (by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

If the whole world is one big family, it means there should be world’s rules of mutual relations. And it is so. If we want to become good members of a family, it is necessary to relate correctly to everybody. There are two basic categories: senior and junior. One should love seniors as the parents, obey, respect and support them in all the ways. And juniors I should love as own children and care about them in all possible ways. The person of culture, as the member of a family, should be able to respect all seniors and  care of all younger ones. In such condition of consciousness there cannot be a conflict or discontent. We live together  not to torture each other, but to be happy.


Remember: in a family there are only two rules – respect and care. Without care the respect turns into sentimentality, and without respect the care turns into fanaticism.


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