Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 12(by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

  1. Whether there will be a TV in our bedroom? It seems like a ridiculous question, but actually it is extremely important. The family is a desire to associate with each other. But now in a family there is new “person” with whom everyone associates the most. This is a new friend, actually the enemy – the TV. Instead of talking with each other, the husband and the wife listen carefully to the new friend. Actually, if at home the TV works all time it becomes one of partners. And if the TV is in a bedroom the child can be born resembling not the father and mother, but Bruce Willis or Sharon Stone. It is necessary to learn not to greet the TV into the family. Let it come, but know the time and a place. Turn it on, watch it and turn it off, it is not necessary to leave it in the bedroom for the whole night long. There is a good system to overpower this enemy – make one day in a week to be the day without the TV, or one week in month ,or one month in a year. Who is the head of the family – the one-eyed enemy or..?

Remember: the TV must not become the emotional parent of our child.


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