Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 14 (by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

  1. Did we clearly understand each other’s  faith and spiritual needs; did we discuss when and how we will give religious and moral education to our children?  Parents should not fight trying to make the child a supporter of their systems of spiritual values. The best spiritual and moral education is to show a child with your own example the friendship of different philosophical systems. This will be the biggest gift for his/her consciousness. By bringing up the child in culture and morally strong you give him/her a choice. And if he/she wants to choose a spiritual path, he/she will be culturally and morally strong believer. And if he/she does not want this, then he/she  just be cultural and morally strong person which is already a great achievement.

Remember: bring up/ foster culture in the child and he/she will be loved everywhere.


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