Points to discuss BEFORE wedding – part 16 (by V.O. Ruzov, translated)

  1. With especial accuracy discuss question about your parents. How will you communicate and associate with them, how will you take care and support them? This is very delicate question that should not be postponed for long. Parents are often not ready to stop raising their child just because he/she has created own family. They may infiltrate into your family life to varying degrees and do some corrections. Some parents can easily accept new partner of their child, but for others it is a real challenge. Therefore, it is necessary to spend considerable amount of time with parents of both partners, so one could understand how to behave in different cases. Do not think your partner loves you more than own parents. One has to understand very clearly and soberly what place you have in partner’s heart, and respect those who will stay in his/her heart forever disrespectfully to one’s appearance. Of course the most negative behavior will be a fight of senior and junior generation of the family, which must be avoided by all the means. It can be done by preparation to this kind of association and communication.


Remember: besides you in the heart of your partner there are his/her parents.


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