Charity, giving back, pay it forward

Have you watched Pay It Forward yet? Really great concept is there. Let doing something for others to be a real charity, not a business exchange. In the world oldest scripture it is said “Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness.”(BG17.20 and read more ) and also “Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance are not to be given up; they must be performed. Indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.”(BG 18.5)

Why don’t we take one step forwards being great right now? Let’s  find worthy person and give a smile (share positive emotions) , some attention (donation of time of your life) or just lend a hand (donate skill or physical ability) . If you really cannot find any available option here is one for you Food For Life Global . It is organization that works based on the above principles.


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