The formula of happiness (by V.O. Ruzov) part 1

The formula of happiness

In the material world it is almost impossible to be happy without practice of spiritual development. But the Vedas are very merciful and they make it possible to experience happiness to even those people who follow non-direct spiritual advises. The rules of culture that taken from the spiritual teachings are part of the spiritual path, and hence also carry a bit of spiritual bliss. The rules of culture by themselves are not so strong, because any materialist, even one hating the Absolute Truth, can follow them.

But the set of rules given in the scriptures really can bring spiritual joy to a person. One can follow this set only if he/she clearly understands that this set is given by God Himself for us to be happy in this world. It is a cultural alchemy that brings joy to the soul and prepares us for the spiritual life. In short, if we know the set of rules of culture given by God, than following them is a spiritual practice. Hence it gives us not a material effect in the form of further suffering, but brings a real pleasure.

The formula reads as follows:

One can be happy in this world if he/she at the same time is:

– Generous with family,

– Kind to strangers,

– Indifferent to vicious,

– Friend to pious,

– Careful with ignoble,

– Respectful with scholars,

– Brave with enemies,

– Humble with elders and

– Strict with those whom he brings up.

This formula of happiness is like a kind of spice-mix that works only if all the elements are executed correctly. If something one is not taken into account than the happiness has no chance. 

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