Four character traits of happy people

Out of thirty characteristics of a happy person there are four that are the most important. They are truthfulness, mercy, austerity and charity. These are the four pillars of human life and of religion as well. These qualities have their opposites – activities that destroy happiness. And those are lying, violence, dissatisfaction and quarrel.By falsity truth is diminished, by violence mercy is diminished, by dissatisfaction austerity is diminished, and by quarrel charity and cleanliness are diminished. There is nothing more contaminating than arguing and quarreling.

And who is in control of that? You! You can control your own speech if not one of others, and be a person of culture – lady or gentleman – in any circumstances. When we criticize others our account in Karma Bank  gets empty very fast. Thus all the good things that we have disappear and we have nothing to give.  Many want to be in control of others but they are rarely intended or capable to be in control of own tongue.

Can you be the one who will start to change the situation – say something good, or say nothing!


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