Embarking on a New Relationship 3

active-listening-not  When someone unburden the mind, it doesn’t mean communication has started. It’s just a natural purification process. It brings purification both for the one who speaks and the one who listens. And this is real yoga. The yoga of listening is called the yoga of intelligence: only if you apply your intelligence you can hear people out. Otherwise, you’ll want to stop them in 15 seconds. You can easily check the strength of your intelligence. If someone else’s speech causes irritation, and you are ready to burst and call it all nonsense, there’s little intelligence. I’m listening just like a child who simply wants to enjoy. And another person’s speech brings satisfaction only if I get praised. If I get no praise, my selfish intelligence says: “You are simply wasting your time! Let them either start praising, or shut up!” This is called dosha-buddhi, or lack of intelligence.



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