Embarking on a New Relationship 4 ( by V.Ruzov, translated)

Our conversation partner will sooner or later unburden the mind, and a really deep conversation is sure to start. The one able to wait for this moment is a truly wise person. Everyone will love and respect such an individual. He/she will be a true friend of all living entities. Only when you know what’s actually on people’s mind you can help them. The goal of a sage is to find good side in a person. And you can do it if you learn to listen and wait, and others speak their heart. When the heart speaks, it becomes clear that each and everyone wants wisdom, wants friendship, wants love. And everybody has beautiful personality. The problem is that we are simply too impatient and not able to wait for this moment which is called mutual understanding or communication with the capital “C”.th-2 th-3


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