Yes, the healing process could not start until the body is purged of toxins. If we want to heal not only the body, but also the soul, we must learn to hear out. This is called an austerity, and it’s done according to certain rules, as well. Thus, for instance, you must not participate in an offense. People may pour out many accusations, but the one who listens must not take sides in this matter. He/she should try to see the want for love and friendship in a man, without being engaged in finger-pointing. Being professional in listening means not to take sides. Only those who remain impartial and neutral with desire to see the soul, can actually hear out the whole thing in should of taking sides in a conflict. Many people try to listen, but since they make that mistake – take somebody’s side in an argument – they are not able to hear the whole thing. Hearing quickly turns into discussing the war efforts. Those who supports one of the sides of conflict are the ones to get the main karma load of that conflict. It is them who will suffer the most.iStock_000000312589Medium team-conflict


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