Embarking on a New Relationship 6

We have to be the source of peace. If we take someone’s side, we become the source of conflict, thus enforce that side and employ additional resources into the battle.

Only those can make peace, who calm passions and break up fights, those who don’t accept war as a last method of conflict resolution. As everyone knows, bad peace is still better than the best of wars. Peace, even a bad one, enables to think calmly, and thus make sensible decisions. Calm thinking helps keep up an open mind. It enables us to act thoughtfully and responsibly. In a ‘state of war’ we are tense and consciousness is narrowed down to black-and-white thinking. We divide the world into friends and enemies, insiders and outsiders, “us” and “them”. Use-of-force decision-making is all that is left then. It certainly helps resolve situations, but at what price… The long and the short of it, learn to be peacemakers, not warmonger.

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