Why the Closest Ones Yell at Each Other

Yell-580x435Family life is more and more often seen as a big problem today. Everyone is searching for new ways to resolve family conflicts. Psychologists, philosophers, sociologists, politicians and astrologers are searching for clue. Almost half of the married couples in the U.S. eventually end up getting divorced. Divorce rate over the world is at its peak. If we look at the facts, we can see that the problem lies not in the material conditions of life, but in the lack of morals and ethics. Consider the following example. While the divorce rate in the United States is getting higher, so is the cheating and infidelity in relationships. It has been found that infidelity rate has increased dramatically within the last 25 years in the United States…

Hardly anybody cares about the partner’s inner world. But it’s not a superficial thing. It can’t be reached by just scratching the surface. Only a long-lasting relationship can help understand it. Most young people today are focused exclusively on bodily platform. As soon as they feel compatibility in this regard, they take a decision to get married, hoping that association on the bodily platform will make them happy. But it doesn’t last long. A husband and wife “remain without their gross bodies” immediately after the honeymoon. They appear before each other “in their subtle bodies” of world perception and mindset. And these “subtle bodies” may appear to be so dramatically different that it becomes a reason for divorce. Duration of physical attraction doesn’t extend beyond one month, 3 years at most. But if we want our marriage to last for decades, it must be based on a totally different platform that is rarely given thought to. Who asks the partner about their world perception? I bet no one does.

We can see that global tendencies are hard to resist. Climate change is already a big problem, and we can’t help it. So it goes. There’s no getting away from it. The same pertains to family problems. We may ponder a question: why is it so? But it’s a fact: hardly anything can be set against global trends.

However, we can meet the challenge and do something meaningful within a smaller community or within our own family. And it will make a difference. Dealing with family problems is like mounting a cool breeze air conditioner when it’s really hot outside. It may take time, effort and money, but we can run the air conditioner to keep our apartment cool. At the same time, we can’t cool down the whole street. We just come home, and although it’s hot outside, we enjoy a pleasant cool breeze of air. And God forbid that it should stop working. It’s likely to happen when everyone switches on their cooling devices simultaneously. An overloaded circuit breaker turns itself off. So much energy is needed to resist global tendencies.

So we won’t hitch the wagon to a star and try to change the world. Rather, we’ll try to tackle the issue within a separate family, taken individually, a family in which at least one person is ready to “invest money in air conditioning”. If so, the whole family will feel the coolness of spiritual culture. At least one of family members should embark on that, and it will serve the welfare of the family as a whole. Not only that – it will serve as contribution to global positive change. Family guests will enjoy the coolness and be inspired by this example. Salespeople act the same way. They create a cool atmosphere in a store to attract more clients. But we’re not salespeople. We simply share solutions spiritual culture has to offer. Maybe we won’t be able to apply them around the globe, or even in our city. But it’s entirely possible that a certain family or at least some family members can successfully use them.

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