Today we’re going to talk about superstitions that interfere with our life. Superstitions exist not only in the western countries, but in the eastern, as well. People of the West are afraid of having a black cat cross their path, or walking under a ladder. One is afraid of losing good luck because one made great efforts to get it. It was so difficult to be born into this world… One had a hard time adjusting to preschool, school and university. One tried really hard to find a job. One worked really hard at the job. Finally, the money on the new car was saved but – look at that! A mirror was broken and a black cat ran across the path…

People of the East are afraid of contamination, rather than losing their good luck. Fear of accidental contamination – that is the eastern superstition. Someone is even afraid of letting the shadow of a low-born man fall on him. There are so many caste superstitions and prejudices. Eastern superstitions also affect western seekers. Sometimes they don’t even know what these things mean and why others are afraid of them. It’s simply scary, and that’s it. Thus, we should straighten the matter out since all these superstitions have a big impact on our life causing additional problems, fears and doubts.

We’ll begin with a story about Nasrudin.

A ruler of the country was once in a bad mood. He was leaving the palace to go hunting, when all of a sudden he saw Nasrudin.

“To see Mulla on the way to hunting is a bad omen!” he shouted to his guards. “Don’t let him stare at me – move him out of the way and whip him!”

The guards did as they had been ordered.

It happened that the ruler enjoyed plentiful hunting. He sent for Nasrudin.

“I’m sorry, Mulla. I thought seeing you was a bad omen. It was not, it transpired.”

“You thought I was a bad omen!” said Nasrudin. “You look at me and get a full game bag. I look at you, and I get a whipping. Who is a bad omen for whom?”

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