If a person renounces only because his duties are burdensome, such actions are based on nothing other than sense gratification. The one who leaves the family because it is hard to provide for, harmonize relationships with the relatives or maintain spiritual growth, doesn’t become renounced. He simply tries to find another family, and this is nothing but ugra-karma – a downright heavy karmic misdeed. If a person became a yogi and started to serve the Absolute Truth, it doesn’t mean he should quit the service to everyone else. If we try as hard as we can to share our spiritual happiness (WITH EVERYONE), but don’t endeavor to make our nearest ones happy – OR we even inflict suffering on them, this is quite weird. In fact, this is dangerous. A loving person is able to love even his enemies. Our kinfolks are definitely not our enemies, though if we constantly endeavor to get on the wrong side of them, this can also become a reality.


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