Free Love – 1, by V.O. Ruzov (translated)

Free LoveToday we’ll start with an interesting parable. King Arthur was once captured and cast into prison by another king. Things like that happen sometimes: politics fails to keep the peace. Note that politics is a useful tool if it is aimed at safeguarding peace, happiness and love. Hence, this word shouldn’t be explicitly assigned a negative meaning. Politician indeed plays a double game, but if he aims for lofty goals, this must be viewed as very beneficial and honorable conduct. Similarly, in a family we don’t always see eye to eye, but we may use a little diplomacy to keep it all together. We may strive to resolve family arguments without starting a war. A bad peace is better than a good war, as we know. However, note that not all personality types are prone to playing politics according to their karma. Don’t make a big deal out of it. This is part of person’s nature. They are not malicious — it is just in their nature to be outspoken.

Healthy family relationships are by no means always built on openness, frankness and mutual confidence. If we run the risk of a serious quarrel over some issue, if it puts our relationship at risk, we can’t have an open and honest discussion. We must tread cautiously toward solution to our problem. Sometimes it’s best not to touch a sore point at all, unless there’s an obvious reason for that. Deadly fights sometimes erupt over some nonsense. So it’s better not to touch a raw nerve, or else it may prove fatal for a family relationship. In a favorable astrological period, your loved one may take it easy if you drop the watch in a toilet bowl. But it’s more likely to cause troubles in the midst of an unfavorable streak. So if you see that your loved one worries about little things, works more and gets paid less, complains that difficulties cramp progress and he/she can’t get anything done, your loved one might have run into a streak of bad luck. And it’s better not to touch on sore subjects that can finish him/her off. Put them off till better days.

Now let’s get back to the story. King Arthur was first arrested and jailed, but was soon released, as they took compassion on him. Kings of the past were nobler than those in these latter days. However, as befits, King Arthur was released on a certain condition. He had to answer a very complicated question. He was given a year to find an answer. Had he not cracked a mystery, he would have been put to death. Intelligent kings in those days didn’t take bribes for release from jail. They wanted answers to their questions. Imagine how exciting life used to be in the epoch of sages and saints. Wisdom could fulfill the role of a fractional currency! Even in classic fairy-tales problems were resolved with the answers to the questions. Once you solve a riddle, you get a steel-sword. Once you unravel the puzzle, you find your way in deep forest. True value of wisdom has now faded into insignificance. No one sees it even in fairy-tales. Wisdom of fairy tales has been replaced with silly cartoons.


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