Free Love – 3, by V. O. Ruzov (translated)

A few of the ways I love you.

This is the key point in understanding the astrology of love. From time to time we exhibit dreadful behavior. We may not notice that, but lookers-on see more than players. We may even turn into a witch or an evil spirit. The same may happen to our family members. And if instead of “putting the witch on a shovel and baking in the oven”, we still preserve a warm relationship, this tough astrological period is soon over. Behind the witch’s mask our loved one is finally revealed. Time comes and puts masks on us from our own past, so that we get purified. Exercise patience when your relatives suffer a change or undergo a transformation. They must play out the roles they didn’t manage to complete in previous lives. Although it may not be a positive role, an actor is perfect in it. For our part, we must capture the essence beneath the mask. We must see the soul within the body. This is our primary duty as family people. Unfortunately, during the wedding ceremony we don’t know what part our loved one has learnt – what he/she prepared for us. So be ready for an interesting performance.

Then the transformed witch told the stunned knight that he could choose how she would look like at nighttime and during the day. The knight was lost in thought. What is better: to spend the night with an ugly old witch and enjoy the company of beautiful young woman in the daylight, or vice versa? Then he committed the noblest action in his chivalrous life. He gave her the right to choose on her own. On hearing this she said that from now on she would always remain a beautiful young woman because he respected her and gave her the right to manage her life on her own. This is such a rare phenomenon in relationships that she was ready to break her witchy laws and remain beautiful as a life-long thank-you for him.

In this way, spiritual astrology reminds of the following. We may talk a lot of the responsibilities of a husband and wife and what we owe to each other. But family life can bring real benefits only if we realize that our life partner is a free eternal soul. It belongs to God, not to us. The Lord simply asked me to take care of this soul so that it doesn’t suffer from separation. I must realize that this soul loves God and wants to go back to Him, although can’t do it right now. For my own part, I must do all that is possible to help this soul. If I abandon selfishness and stop considering this soul my slave, I’ll see its true spiritual beauty. And it will be the best moment of my life. The purpose of family life is not to make all family members my slaves, but to remind them that they are beloved children of God. I must show them the way home. I must take them to their eternal family instead of confining them in the dungeon of my selfishness. In order to accomplish that, I need spiritual knowledge.

Study spiritual science yourself and teach others.

Due to the same reason people are afraid of spiritual training. What if my slaves come to know that they are free eternal souls? I will no longer be what I used to be in their eyes.


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