Seven Signs of a Decent Society – 2 /Team Psychology, Psychology of Group Relations, Teamwork

And so, the second point Vedas recommend in regard to a group setting, stipulates that we shouldn’t stay long in a place where we can’t see much of our relatives, especially if a husband can’t see much of his wife. Even when sent into exile it’s allowed to take your wife with you because everyone understands: punishment is a punishment but one must draw the line somewhere. Even a jail prisoner is allowed to be on visiting terms with the relatives. It helps a prisoner not to go mad. And in our life we should also have an opportunity to spend time with our family, which means that the family concept should be respected and welcomed in our society.

Prison-like atmosphere is created when a family concept is being criticized, family people are being derided or someone’s gender is being mocked and mistreated. It is said in the Vedas that as soon as you come in contact with such atmosphere, it hurts. Only wrongdoers and ascetics can stay there. But if we are in the very heart of a society like that, our intelligence is burnt within hours or days.


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