Seven Signs of a Decent Society – 3 /Team Psychology, Psychology of Group Relations, Teamwork

Humiliation and disgrace caused by the nearest and dearest constitute a third problem, as confirmed by the sages. It’s rather difficult to stay somewhere if your close associates give you a hard time, don’t appreciate your opinion or advice, or even consider you to be a spoiler. “You are useless” are the most terrible words used in the East when scolding a child. A child is upset and offended for weeks on end after that, and tries to right a wrong. Among near and dear ones anything is possible, but there’s a limit to everything, a limit that is called humiliation and disgrace.

Understandably, levels of mutual support may vary in different groups, although generally accepted rules are the same. Look how doctors, policemen, members of the military etc. stand for each other.

Of course, one can run it into the ground, but generally that kind of internal mutual support makes it possible to withstand the most demanding environment and fully commit oneself to the society. Remember: we surrender to those who protect us. This is why the first point we should realize in our spiritual life is that God is the best protector and we are always under His protection.


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