Seven Signs of a Decent Society – 6 /Team Psychology, Psychology of Group Relations, Teamwork

According to the sixth rule, it’s hard to stay in the society where there is no strong leader. Indeed, a leader must be polite, prudent, experienced and spiritually elevated. In addition, however, to be able to keep lid on everything the society creates, the society itself with all its achievements and members, one should be a strong personality. This is called charisma, or the power to influence a certain number of people which, in turn, should comply with the level of charisma.

If there’s no such compliance, two variants are possible. A leader would either press hard on subordinates because they are less in number than is necessary, and he/she has too much extra strength. Or out of the burden of too many subordinates he/she would let things slide. Thus, Vedas don’t recommend staying in a team headed by a weak leader. This is the same as to be carried in a palanquin uphill by weak palanquin-bearers…


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