Fifteen Laws of Prosperity (by Vyacheslav Ruzov )

We already discussed what type of society one can devote oneself to and what kind of job is worth having. And now it’s high time to talk about the key principles of making money since this is a hot-button topic nowadays. We won’t give attention to any technical issues relating to practicality – rather, as always, we would discuss elevated principles more pertaining to the mood with which we perform this activity. The mood is the key element of anything we do. Simply knowing how to make money and why to make it is not enough. One ought to do that in proper mood.

The first prosperity law reads as follows: there’s no point in making very good money if it demands nearly superhuman efforts. People nowadays think, “Let me die in harness now but live high on the hog later.” In reality, one simply stops being a human after such inhuman work and starts to waste money in an inhuman, animal-like way. One simply flings one’s money around not caring about one’s duties, friendship and love. Therefore, remember: work can make a man out of a monkey but inhuman work turns a man into a monkey again.


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