Fifteen Laws of Prosperity -6, by Vyacheslav Ruzov

The sixth law of prosperity stipulates that there’s no point in making good money for one’s own benefit. As the saying goes, if wealth goes over to the selfish person, he/she suffers the greatest pains when someone asks for money and he/she doesn’t know how to refuse. Even when asleep, such a person is afraid that somebody will ask for donations. A selfish person always suspects that people may ask for some type of support, and therefore hates to meet them. Then such a person just goes mad and starts to despise everybody around thinking that people are full of expectations to get money from him/her for free. Miserliness decreases piety, and one has to grow poor again. The secret for prosperity is described in the Vedas in the following way: “The one, who cherishes mercifulness in their heart, will overcome all difficulties and gain wealth at every step.” Therefore, remember: wealth grows out of mercy – absence of mercy leads to poverty.


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