Fifteen Laws of Prosperity -10, by Vyacheslav Ruzov

In the meantime, the tenth law of prosperity says one shouldn’t look for the easiest path to wealth. We may have hard-hitting plans, and if we don’t shrink from difficulties, even the most cherished dreams may come true. It may happen if we are ready to perform austerities and go through hardships. It is said in the Vedas, “Although the ocean, which is the reservoir of all jewels, is the father of the conch shell, and the Goddess of fortune Lakshmi is conch’s sister, still the conch must go from door to door, begging for alms (in the hands of a pilgrim).” Therefore, even if we are placed in an advantageous position, if we are in with many influential people — whatever facilities we may have — it does not qualify us for easy money. Remember: just as a jar is filled up drop by drop, a patient man is filled up with knowledge, courage and wealth, accumulating it little by little.


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