Сompatibility of a man and a woman 1 (V Ruzov)

Of course, no relationship is without conflict. This is also true of family relationships. Holding an argument is a fine way to come out of energy stagnation. When personal development of one of the partner’s is at a standstill, when his/her energy slackens, and he/she loses sight of his purpose by falling prey to laziness, an argument is an effective way to liven him/her up. Vedas affirm that a woman is four times more quick-witted than a man. She is able to conduct an argument in such a way that encourages a husband to perk up a bit, make new plans and gradually get things going. For a married woman, argumentative skills are of primary importance.

A small advice is that enlivening of a man should go on according to certain rules. Because it’s actually similar to “awakening a hibernating bear”, the first part of the process consists of inspiring a person, rather than criticizing him. “Wake him up” with affectionate tenderness, otherwise, there’s a danger of “rousing an animal” in him. It must be kept in mind that rogue bears are very dangerous creatures. Therefore, don’t criticize your husband – encourage him, “stroke him tenderly”, “stir him up” by gently inspiring to put more life into actions.

Yes, making criticism is also needed, but only when there’s intensive activity going on. Good criticism in this case gives an extra push for further intensification of efforts and helps not to stop half-way through the task. Dynamic actions require such an extra push-forward. But when the level of activity is zero, criticism only irritates a person. Such irritation through criticism in a state of slumber finally results in total disinclination to act and causes a man to “go into a den” even deeper.

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