Сompatibility of a man and a woman 2 (V Ruzov)

A woman should know that if she wants something from a man, she must be the first one to act. Only then can she expect her desires to be fulfilled on time. Suppose she wants to arrange for them both to meet parents on Saturday. She must spur a man on to activity as early as on Friday: iron his pants herself, roust him out of bed in time, ask him to shave, take him out and make sure he follows the right road.

A man himself won’t even lift a finger if it’s something that his wife needs, and he doesn’t need it personally. A woman should win and conquer his mind, otherwise he’ll simply fall asleep or go to his friends to busy himself with “important matters”. To conquer his mind means to get him interested. Therefore, a woman should build relationships with a husband in pursuit of something that may keep him interested in their mutual communication and interaction. In any case, one thing is sure: eating together he won’t mind…


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