A Glimpse of Karmic Consequences (V Ruzov)

Not only is violation of fundamental laws of family life punishable by public contempt – one also has to face rather severe karmic consequences. For example, he who leaves his wife when he ceases to love her is reborn as a goose in his next life. And if a wife discards her husband, she becomes a lizard or a snake. If a woman ill treats her parents-in-law and always strikes up quarrels, she becomes a leech in her next life, whereas she who can’t stop fighting with a husband, becomes a louse. A seducer turns into a ghost, and he who molests his friend’s wife turns into an ass. Everyone is mad about sexual enhancers today, but the one who is too lusty is reborn as a lusty male horse in the next life.

 Behave yourselves; don’t populate the animal and plant kingdom, be appreciative of your human birth – it offers the opportunity to become truly happy.

Commenting on this verse, Srila Prabhupada reveals another secret. He explains that although the real protector of all living beings is the Lord Himself, it doesn’t mean that in all cases He protects us personally. It would be a bit arrogant to claim that the Lord continually protects me personally without respite, whatever mad things I do. It is we who should serve God, not vice versa. We should always keep this in mind.

We usually say that our philosophy is to always remember God and never forget Him. But sometimes one remembers God in a selfish kind of mood, thinking, “God always protects me.” That is, God doesn’t do anything except think about how to protect me. No. Such perception of God is a little selfish. We should have a humble perception: I am a servant of God — it’s not that He is my servant. I should understand the way He protects me and take advantage of this system of protection.


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