A Glimpse of Karmic Consequences 2 (V Ruzov)

And the Lord protects us through the philosophy of cooperation (which Srila Prabhupada explains in this verse), according to which, ksatriyas must protect brahmanas and brahmanas must protect ksatriyas, and their mutual protection will lead to flourishing and protectedness of other classes of society.

This is an interesting, complex system, and it must be well-understood. Any mechanism is elaborate, all the more so a social one. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be set up and used. Sometimes one may not even know how a certain mechanism is organized. Not all the drivers know how the car works internally, what parts it consists of. They know two pedals, and that’s it! Green light means “go”, red light means “stop”… Similarly, sometimes we don’t quite understand how the Lord’s energies function, but they act, they work! And this entire system works, we just need to use it. In other words, we receive protection from our social duties. When we are aware of them and fulfill them, we find ourselves under natural protection given to us by God.

If we keep in mind that it is fulfillment of our duties that protects us, we’ll be protected against stupidity. What is the main stupidity? Shirking duties. But it is our duties that give protection for us. Thus, sometimes we abandon our own shelteredness and protectedness. This is it, a typical mistake: one thinks, “I’ll renounce everything and entrust myself fully to the care of the Lord, let Him protect me.” Yet the Lord says, “I give you the duties – they will protect you”. But we hold onto the thought, “No, You should protect me personally! You should be my servant! You should stand at my door and defend me!” This is selfish perception of God. Without understanding this, we’ll feel a pull toward abandoning our duties and will commit social stupidities…


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