“Amazing Pedagogy” Course . Workshop 1 -“Adults’ Education or 30 Qualities to pass to the children “


We are starting a new large workshop. This training course was designed for BALANCE clubs, “Our children” School, “Our Family”School and other. The point is that the parent does not take the quality somewhere else, somewhere in a fairy tale or parable, or in the book, and passes it to a child who receives it happily and immediately becomes good. The bottom line – if the parent does not have this quality, the only thing he/she can convey to the child, explaining the positive qualities of character, is hypocrisy ! We are all familiar with this! When a smoking parent tells the child not to smoke. The more a smoking parent explains that smoking is harmful, the more obvious it becomes to the child that he/she should smoke too. Now let’s talk about this in more detail.
This course is recommended as a basis for a deeper understanding of what is a man of culture, an educated person, a developing person ! It is essential for parents, grandparents, educators, teachers and everyone who is on the road of self-realization! PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR FRIENDS
Speaker – Alla Ramaswamy ,Dean of “Our Children” School
Please RSVP by May 29th (9pm) BY COMMENTING on this post


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