A Glimpse of Karmic Consequences 3 (V Ruzov)

In a well-mannered society, everyone has a duty to protect someone else. If I possess good manners, I always feel protective towards someone.
“Are you well-mannered?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Who is under your protection?”
“Whom should I protect?”
“You are not well-mannered. Good manners and protectiveness are inseparable, they go hand-in-hand.”

Without protection, it is simply impossible to live in this world. For example, for technical equipment (mic and camera) to work properly, a cable connected thereto must be shielded and insulated. Both shielding and insulation provide protection for the cable. If it is unprotected, nothing will work.

If we protect one another, the whole society becomes protected. Therefore, everyone has prescribed duties. When we fulfill them, we become protected ourselves. This is how a well-protected society comes into being. However, if we don’t protect one another, this gives rise to selfishness: we make the Lord protect us. We lose the spirit of service – it gives way to irresponsibility and parasitism – a so-called spiritual sloth.

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