Astrology of Compatibility 1 (V Ruzov)

Astrology of Compatibility

According to the Vedic system, the parents would consider the horoscopes of the boy and girl who were to be married. If according to astrological calculations the boy and girl were compatible in every respect, the match was called yotaka and the marriage would be accepted.

As recently as fifty years ago, people in the east followed these rules. Regardless of the affluence of the boy or the personal beauty of the girl, without this astrological compatibility the marriage would not take place. The situation is different now because in the past few decades social perceptions have changed regarding what personality traits are the most important. And the vision of how to assess the marriage compatibility between a man and a woman has changed, accordingly.

In former times, compatibility was judged based on sense of purpose which determined the direction of people’s life goals. If a man and a woman have similar life goals, they are compatible because both of them exert their best efforts in one direction. It reminds of a boat with two rowers who steer it in one direction. Such a boat quickly reaches its destination. But if the goals of life are conceptually different, if the rowers pull a boat in opposite directions, it will go around in circles and won’t get anywhere, despite a great deal of effort that may be applied. This kind of marriage was not advisable. It should be reminded that all these calculations were based on the main character trait – sense of purpose or determination one didn’t slacken in throughout life.


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