Astrology of Compatibility 2 (V Ruzov)

It makes it possible to understand the present-day problem. Astrologers are at a loss because a modern person simply lacks the main quality judging by which it was possible to understand his/her mode of thinking, the direction of his/her thoughts. One’s sense of purpose lasts only a few hours, and not only that — it takes the form of a mild mental derangement. First, it is frenetic, and one puts forth tremendous effort, as he/she bustles around like a frantic cockroach, with burning eyes, aiming at ambitious goals. Later, after beating head against a wall and getting nothing except pain in the neck, one gives up hope and falls into steady depression, whereby one’s determination becomes zero. When depression comes to an end, one draws a conclusion that the previous plans were not his/her true calling – they take time to come to fruition, and he/she enthusiastically sets another goal and throws oneself into the manic episode again, so the pattern accurately repeats itself. This is how human life goes by, resembling life of a fly beating against the window-glass. It sees the outside through the window, is excited about it and bangs against the glass at full speed, then comes to senses and gets right back to beating its head against the window.

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