Astrology of Compatibility 3 (V Ruzov)

And so, a personal sense of purpose in life made it possible to understand the direction of one’s thoughts, which in turn enabled partner-matching and making inferences. Today, one lacks a sense of purpose, and it renders match-making senseless. A person of purpose is a cultured person, a guardian of a tradition, a successor to a dynasty. A person without a purpose is a changeable sort of person. He/she changes his/her mentality and principles every time he/she changes his/her goals.

People who have a sense of purpose in life can be matched — they can be compatible or incompatible. People without a sense of purpose are basically incompatible and thus, should be ready in advance that they will face contradictions in their marital life each time one of the partners changes his/her life goals. Such changes can occur quite often, every seven years at best, which gives rise to a seven-year family crisis pattern.


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