Astrology of Compatibility 4 (V Ruzov)

In fact, every seven years we become different people as we shift our goals, habits and priorities. It’s a kind of reincarnation within this very lifetime, and each time it requires that we start over in our relationships. For this reason, several countries try to introduce a new law, according to which couples will enter into marriage for 7 years. This is indicative of the fact that modern psychology has disqualified itself as a science that can solve human problems.

So what’s to be done? Should we stop making families and start shacking up? Of course, not – families should be created according to all rules. But the main thing you should focus on when building family relationships is not the partner’s behavior at a given moment but whether he/she is ready for the fact that you may change as a person, at any time, and whether you yourself are ready to see your partner change beyond recognition, at any point of time, as well. It is common for the first changes to occur immediately after the honeymoon, and it makes both partners shocked. This is a secret of marriage: we are to spend the whole life together with a person whose goals may vary even throughout the day.


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