Astrology of Compatibility 6 (V Ruzov)

I hope you’ll be interested in developing a devata type of consciousness. But anyway, we have to mix with all kinds of people in this world. And if you are prepared for any twists and turns of fate, for quirks of any kind, you’ll find it possible to maintain relationships even if you are a devata and your partner is an asura. It doesn’t pay to enter into such relations on purpose because they will be fraught with many contradictions, but to keep an already existing relationship on track is quite a feasible task. In spiritual traditions, the consciousness of a person capable of reconciling contraries in this way is called paramahamsa stage, while humility is a personal trait that gives rise to it.

Happiness Comes Through Relationships

As you might have guessed, we have to gain insight into specific features of feminine and masculine mentality of the present day. First let me say a few words about happiness as such. Both happiness and unhappiness in this world come from relationships. There are many kinds of relationships, but now we’ll be especially interested in peculiarities of feminine and masculine mentality, which are always necessary to take into account. Mentality is like clothing. Women’s clothes even in our time are much different from men’s clothes. Mentality also dresses the soul in its clothes that correspond to its mindset, level of consciousness and gender, after all.

If we don’t consider the differences between us, this is called slackness, and it leads to a great deal of trouble. In relationships, there can never be full tranquility. They are like an ocean, or maritime climate – now fine, now showery. In the morning, the sun may shine, by the evening a storm comes up. If one lets oneself slack off in relationships, it resembles relaxation one may feel in his/her own home. A person is confident that nothing bad will happen to him/her in close proximity to his/her own home. However, it becomes the common cause of accidents. According to the statistics, the majority of accidents take place exactly close to home, within a 2 km radius of it.


3 thoughts on “Astrology of Compatibility 6 (V Ruzov)

    • Yes, we can compute the compatibility. But the influence or importance of compatibility for happiness in relationship of a couple is so overestimated. It is only about 20%. The main factor is desire and intention to cooperate.

  1. It is interesting how people react when hey hear that 100% of astrological compatibility is only 20% of success in relationship. Many do not want to accept their own responsibility for the out come. When consulting existing couples about their problems, I often hear ” Astrologer told us we have almost 100% compatibility, but it does not work.” In many cases I have to explain (with the words they understand) that astrology only calculates on prarabdha karma, but in this life we have certain freedom of choice and behavior. Those who accept their responsibility for their kriyaman karma have very happy and healthy relationship (which does not exclude problems). I have seen both, couples with low compatibility who have stayed married and ones with very high compatibility who could not make it, because of their understanding (or not) that relationships is a team work and there is nothing granted. This is my experience.

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