Astrology of Compatibility 7 (V Ruzov)

The Difference between Feminine and Masculine Ways of Thinking

The main difference between feminine and masculine ways of thinking in terms of compatibility is that masculine mentality is mostly aimed at achieving concrete, well-defined goals, while feminine mentality is mostly oriented toward their expansion. Therefore, after he has achieved a desired goal, a man calms down straight away, relaxes and lies down to rest on the sofa. But a woman never sets her mind at rest.

She never considers a goal to be achieved. Every achievement is just a new stage in expanding the breadth of perspectives for her. Every goal attained opens up perspectives of other goals. Therefore, masculine energy is said to be that of assertion, while feminine energy – that of expansion.

This can be seen from the way they make purchases. Let’s take a really simple example. After buying a pair of shoes, a man puts his mind at ease, throws them off in the corridor and goes eat dinner peacefully.

A woman sees no room for complacency. Having bought a new pair of shoes, she begins to think of a new blouse, a skirt, earrings and a hairstyle that will go well with these shoes, and about where she can go out in all that. She agonizes over too many choices until she puts the whole outfit together! Should it happen that she picks a nice-looking garment in the process that doesn’t match this outfit, the task immediately becomes twice as complex. It requires her to assemble another outfit which also doesn’t make sense unless it is complete. For a man, making a purchase marks the completion of efforts in the achievement of satisfaction, for a woman, it’s only the beginning of a long journey to happiness twinkling somewhere ahead. With this in mind, we should see into the matter of compatibility between men and women according to their perceptions of past, present and future.


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