Astrology of Compatibility 8 (V Ruzov)

Gana: Direction of Thinking

A person is born in one of the three categories, known as devata-gana, manushya-gana and rakshasa-gana. If according to astrological calculations, ganas, or personal characteristics of potential partners came into conflict, the marriage was not recommended, because the spouses would have different perceptions of past, present and future.

Similarly, there were calculations of pratiloma and anuloma. The central idea is that if a young man and a girl were on an equal level, the marriage would be happy, whereas inequality would lead to unhappiness. Because marriages are made thoughtlessly these days, divorce has become a commonplace phenomenon, and human society has degenerated to the level of animal society. Marriages are concluded by mutual agreement: if a man and a woman simply agree to marry, the marriage takes place. But when the Vedic system is not observed, marriage frequently ends in divorce.

In the “Astro-Ved” School of Astrology , Palmistry and Numerology we deal with this aspect of compatibility by examining special features of the palms of a man and a woman.


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