Astrology of Compatibility 9 (V Ruzov)

Compatibility from the Perspective of Bengali Palmistry

First off, I’d like to recite the famous verse that explains the mystical meaning of a human palm, which represents the whole microcosm:

karagre vasate lakshmi
kara mule saraswathi
kara madhye tu govindah
prabhate kara darshanam

“On the tip of the fingers is Goddess Lakshmi; on the base of the fingers is Goddess Sarasvati; in the middle of the fingers is Lord Govinda. Thinking in this way, I look at my palms in the morning, meditating on the spiritual world.”

Whether a man and a woman make a good match is determined by the compatibility between them in terms of psychological perception of reality. In palmistry, this is called gana, and it is of prime importance for thorough understanding of friendship and marriage. There are three types of gana, and they are indentified by the position of the end of little finger in relation to the distal phalanx of the ring finger, if we look at the hand from the palm-side.


This is when the end of a little finger extends beyond the joint between the distal and the middle phalanges of the ring finger. For such people, it is natural to muse on the future and reflect upon lofty subjects. Thus, they don’t like to think too much about earthly concerns, mundane, practical affairs. Sometimes they may dream of renunciation. Such people are said to “be off in a dreamworld”.

The Story

An astrologer was once walking along the road, watching the stars, their unusual position. He got so deeply immersed in his observations that he lost his balance and fell into a ditch. A passer-by noticed him, all over in the mud, and said, “My friend, you should learn a lesson from this: let the stars move in their own way; you, being on Earth, should walk carefully and watch your step. It’s not enough to think about the future – one should be practical in the present moment.”

Judging from this hand feature, those who want to become astrologers can get to know their special, sometimes even mystical skills. An astrologer with a devata type of consciousness, if he/she becomes expert in predictive sciences, can look into the future and see ahead. Therefore, if you are interested in the future events of your life, find an astrologer with a corresponding palmar sign – he/she will help you to get a glimpse of the future. But to become a devata-astrologer, one should also be well versant in spiritual science and lead a pure way of life. Just to have some natural inclinations is not enough – one should bring them into a mature stage, develop and refine them through spiritual practice, control of desires and senses and constant purification.


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