Astrology of Compatibility 10 (V Ruzov)


The end of a little finger is on a level with a distal interphalangeal joint of the ring finger. Such people love to associate with others and serve society. Knowing or doing something, they consider it perfectly right and don’t agree with the criticism. They are fully immersed in the present moment. They live in the present, think of present. This is a practical, down-to-earth kind of person who can live life in the here and now, although he/she risks leaving the past experience out of consideration, and may fail to foresee future results of his/her actions.

The Parable

Once there was a woman carrying a basket of bricks on her head, working on a building site. She was walking along, but then the basket fell from her head. She tried to put it back on her head but failed and began to cry uncontrollably, loudly chanting the God’s name. Her ardent plea attracted the attention of the Lord, and He thought, “It’s getting impossible to tolerate the lamentation of this woman, as she cries her heart out. All right then, let me come to her aid.” And He appeared right in front of her. “What do you want?” the Lord asked the woman. “Please put the basket back on my head,” replied the woman. “But I can give you liberation! I can give you anything you wish, and all you want is for me to put this basket on your head?” The woman replied, “Yes, just put the basket back on my head so I can finish my job and get home in time for dinner.”
Practicality as a Style of Life

In a nutshell, this kind of person lives by the principle of practicality. What does it mean and how not to become nuts about effectiveness and actuality, and always remember to take past and future into cosideration?

Each time we purchase an item, we bring home not just a combination of atoms, but the mood with which it was produced, the mindset, dreams and hopes of the producer. Everything has both an external and internal constituent. Thus, an item bought brings into our home not only the fulfillment of our desires, but the mood of its manufacturer, the meditation of its creator. The spirit of a manufacturer is invisibly present in his/her work and influences our consciousness. Thus, when we accept an item imbibed with the mood of its creator, it changes our consciousness, often making it materialistic, greedy and proud. Unfortunately, sublimity of consciousness is much to seek these days. For the most part, the meditation of producers is not of a nature of service to people, but of greed for gain. It carries the desire to gain excess profit at all cost. Therefore, practicality consists in the ability to derive benefit from an item, without being contaminated with unfavorable mentality, some subtle odor that has saturated the modern economy.

And when the smell of producer’s meditation becomes unbearable, when there’s no getting away from it, the thing is called “stylish” or “trendy”, and the price for it rockets sky-high. When buying a trendy item, one consciously abandons practicality for the sake of spirit of fashion, which consists of nothing else than arrogance, greed and lust. Therefore, remember: in this world, you always run a danger of getting negative side effects. Sometimes they are written on a label, sometimes not. A person must sense himself/herself the subtle odor of impracticality that allures a modern man.


An astrologer who has this palmar feature can give good advice on problems of the present from the standpoint of practicality, actuality and effectiveness. One can turn to such a specialist for help in making short-run decisions that don’t have long-lasting effects. It’s a “sanitary technician” type of astrologer. He/she doesn’t create an interior design for ages, but can quickly turn off water in your newly refurbished house and help protect it from flooding.

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