The Law of Money (by V Ruzov)

The first thing that needs to be understood is the law of money. It is simply slurred over in our time when everyone is crazy about material well-being. Remember: money doesn’t serve anyone — quite the contrary, everyone serves money. This law specifies the right attitude toward financial resources. When I crave money, I want it to become my slave and work on plantations of my desires. It means I consider myself the master of money; but no one can become a master of money since this place is already occupied, and it’s occupied by the Absolute Truth.

Indeed, money finds itself near the Absolute Truth, this is why it is so appealing and attractive. It’s not that it is attractive in and of itself – it simply finds itself beside the True Attractiveness, has imbibed its fragrance, shines by the light it reflects from it. Therefore, the proper mood should be as follows: I want to serve the Absolute Truth, using all my money in this service. Only in this state of consciousness it’s possible to come in touch with real well-being and not to go mad.

This can be seen from the example with precious gems. Their glitter is so resplendent you can’t take your eyes off. But it’s not their glitter – it’s the reflected sunshine glitter. It is the sun that is so glamorous; it is the sun that brings joy, gives health and induces a sense of well-being. And wherein is the value of the gem? A gem can thoroughly reflect sunlight, in all its color variances, reveal its full beauty and depth. This is the only thing that makes a gemstone so valuable. In the same way, money is valuable only because it represents the Absolute Truth, while there’s nothing more valuable than the Absolute Truth. The Absolute Truth is the wealth everyone is looking for in this world.


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