The Proper Mood for Getting Money (by V.O. Ruzov )

The process of getting money is a process of establishing a relationship with it. Indeed, because the energy of money comes from the Personality of Godhead, it has a personal nature. But our mistake is that we want to subdue this energy. Unfortunately, this is not a proper mood for establishing contact with a source of all prosperity.

It’s like subduing mountain peaks. “To subdue” means “to possess”. A climber can’t spend more than a few minutes on a peak but proudly asserts he has subdued it and shows off a picture of himself on the peak, with his face benumbed with cold. This is not a conquest – this is rape. When a man enters into a relationship with a woman but doesn’t intend to start a family with her – this is violence against a woman. Likewise, when one gets prosperity but does not intend to spend it on taking care of others, on spiritual development and self-improvement, this is also a kind of violence – violence against money, against divine energy.

Money is an embodiment of care: its true purpose is to be spent on taking care of others. When we don’t fulfill its will, money refuses to fulfill our plans. Therefore, a real relationship with money starts with respect and understanding of its purpose. If we are capable of respecting prosperity, it will agree to start relationships with us and may even become our friend. But it will never be our servant.

Remember: money likes those who spend it on spiritual development and taking care about others.


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