Lakshmi, the Goddess of Prosperity (by V Ruzov)

The energy of prosperity is called Lakshmi, and it’s a feminine energy. Lakshmi is a goddess of prosperity and the Lord’s consort at the same time. You can’t control her – you can only serve Her. As soon as I begin to serve prosperity, to serve Lakshmi, the Lord Himself takes me under His protection. The Lord Himself protects me. The long and the short of it, to serve money means to use it for sublime, and thus, spiritual purposes. When we act this way, money returns to its source and becomes happy. When money is happy, we also become happy. We become happy when we hold this particular attitude towards prosperity.

Money is like children who got lost. When we try to claim them as our own, we take them away from their parents. And it really hurts everyone: the Absolute Truth, His spouse Lakshmi, other people and ourselves, accordingly. You can’t become happy if you cause misery to others. You can’t become happy if you come between children and parents and separate children from parents. And so, we shouldn’t be like those who abduct children (and modern-day business is very much like kidnapping) – we should be those who return children to their parents.

How do you think parents will treat the one who returned their kidnapped child? Indeed, they will love such a person like their own flesh and blood. How to get the Absolute Truth to like you? Offer Him back the prosperity that came into your hands.

Such a state of consciousness is called yoga. Yes, exactly: the skill to return prosperity to the Absolute Truth is called yoga, and it is studied in the “Artha-Shastra” treatise. Yoga is not only about standing on your head – the essence of the most difficult asana is to develop the desire to spend money on spiritual projects rather than on oneself.

It is not difficult to understand where my consciousness is geared at. If I spend money only on myself, I’m a deep-dyed ego-tripper. If I spend money on a family, I’m a family person. If I give my money to God, I’m a yogi. The secret is that one should distribute one’s income in such a way as to feel peaceful and contented in the heart. Remember: progress is possible only in the state of balance. Therefore, one should divide one’s money in a balanced manner across all aspects of one’s life.


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