A Wife Represents Lakshmi (by V Ruzov)

Family life is best suited for increasing prosperity. It is unique in that in each family, there’s a representative of prosperity through whom it is possible to establish contact with Lakshmi Herself. Who do you think it is? These are all women in a family: a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter. The laws of prosperity are not as complicated as they may seem: they are based on the interconnection of energies.

A man should think of how he can protect his wife, parents and children, and a wife should think of her husband, and thus exhibit her fidelity and piety. The secret is that when a wife thinks about her husband, prosperity comes to him. As soon as she stops thinking about him, it brings him to ruin. A husband represents the energy of protection, therefore, when a wife thinks about her husband, her family is protected. On the other hand, a wife represents the energy of prosperity, hence, taking care of a wife equals to looking after overall well-being, including one’s own.


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