A Woman Is the Embodiment of Prosperity (by V Ruzov)

A man who doesn’t respect women is an enemy of one’s own well-being. A woman in the family is a source of prosperity for the whole family. When a woman is happy and satisfied, when she laughs and gets presents, you have nothing to worry about. She is never to be exploited. She is like a goddess of fortune Herself. This is why women in the East wear a red dot between the eyebrows on their foreheads as a symbol of Lakshmi.

But when someone tries to take too much advantage out of a woman, she transforms from Lakshmi into Durga – from wealth to punishment. This is the way ball busters and feminists come into being. In principle, it is impossible to take too much advantage out of a woman because her energy is that of expansion. She takes energy from a man who acts as an accumulator by his nature, and spends this energy on expanding potential for enjoyment. All men are enthralled by illusion: they want to get something from women, and women, for their part, pretend this is exactly what would happen. But as a result of their relationships, it turns out that a woman consumes everything a man has and makes it part of her plan.

Therefore, men, don’t even hope to have your share of family prosperity. Everything belongs to women. A woman will make things go according to her plan, anyway. A man would think he decided it himself, but in reality it would be his wife’s idea, which she masterfully brought to life, while letting her husband think of himself as a head of a family, all-important and totally permissive. A man needs this self-belief, and an intelligent woman lets him think of himself this way. But all women in this world know according to whose plans all men live – this is a women’s dark secret…


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