Man’s Rage (by V Ruzov)

When a husband falls into rage, woman’s happiness vanishes. In moments like these, she may not even recognize her husband, so much his countenance, voice and consciousness change. It is as if the soul comes out of the body during a fit of rage and hides behind the corner, together with a wife and children, and the body is left to yell and stamp feet by itself. There’s no escaping such an impression. However, Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, being a woman, doesn’t tolerate offences, so She turns her back and leaves, as soon as She gets the sense of offensive atmosphere. Remember: if the atmosphere is offensive, not only people will grow apart – prosperity itself will leave because the atmosphere of prosperity is tranquility and peace. Offensive attitude is not just a negative atmosphere – it’s the atmosphere of hell. A modern man thinks he will have an oil-filled hot tub with his drinking pals, and devils will serve him cold beer. No, the problem of hell is not that it’s too hot or too cold there – the problem is in that everyone hates and humiliates each other all the time. All inhabitants of hell exchange abuses, fight, kill and inflict pain on one another in every imaginable way. Now, that real hell! And that’s quite a punishment! Such insulters simply “gather together in one caldron” hating one another to death. But there is no death in hell – it’s impossible to die there; one has to exercise patience with one’s enemies who are also deathless: they can’t even be killed…

I only want to say one thing: don’t make your own family life feel like hell. Be understanding and tolerant towards each other. Amicable atmosphere nourishes the heart and attracts prosperity, and what else do we need in this world?

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