Beauty as a Token of Prosperity (by V Ruzov)

The goddess Lakshmi is very beautiful, She is attractiveness personified. Therefore, the primary task facing all men is to provide all women in their families with the opportunity to be beautiful. Remember: beauty attracts prosperity. Men by their nature don’t bother their heads about beauty, can’t live beautifully themselves, hence, they should let women look after beauty. They know how to do it, simply don’t interfere with them, don’t say this is very expensive. Beauty requires sacrifice, but it doesn’t go in vain: the goddess of prosperity comes shortly after and makes up for spending.

At home, everything should be nice and beautiful: children, parents, husband, wife, the house itself and even domestic animals. This will make it attractive for prosperity who doesn’t like filthy stinky dwellings. Make your home nice and clean, and prosperity will be glad to stay there, but remember: She can leave at any moment. As soon as we become lazy and neglect the cleanliness of our homes, She packs Her belongings She handed over to us for a while, and goes away. Remember: everything you have in your home belongs to Lakshmi, your guest, and She may take it away at any point in time. The goddess of prosperity is a source of all cleanliness and purity. In this world, She is represented by a lotus flower. People pick up lotus flowers in bulk, and lakes with lotuses have to be enclosed with barbed wire fences. But it doesn’t make people rich – it speaks for their deformed thinking.


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