Seniors Are the Embodiment of Prosperity (by V Ruzov)

If women in a family represent the Lord’s consort Lakshmi, which family members represent the Lord Himself? Yes, exactly, these are all the seniors. If senior people are shown no respect, stable well-being is not to be expected. Hence, respect for seniors is the main quality to be inculcated in children in the process of upbringing. This will enable them to achieve success in any sphere they choose for themselves. Whatever they apply themselves to — if they respect seniors in that sphere, their success will be imminent.

In fact, this is a secret to prosperity. This single phrase will suffice to teach a person about prosperity, and there’s absolutely no need for lots and lots of useless guidebooks book shop shelves are stacked with.

Of course, seniors are not only people advanced in age. This category includes parents, seniors in terms of spiritual advancement, position, qualification, seniors in age, teachers, guardians of order, those who hold managerial positions or are simply endowed with a certain responsibility (e.g. consierge managers). But the main thing is that seniors should impart knowledge of truth to juniors. This is their main responsibility. Keep in mind that through proper hearing of seniors one gets not only knowledge of truth, but also prosperity. But if one doesn’t like to hear moral teachings, not only one loses knowledge – one deprives oneself of luck hidden in the words coming from above.

The Story

Once, in Their abode in the spiritual sky, Lakshmi and Her husband Narayana—the Absolute Truth – got into an argument. The point at issue was: what do people value most: wealth or truth? They came down to the world of men and approached a guesthouse where a sage was asking the owner to let him stay overnight. The guesthouse owner readily agreed, moreover, he told the sage not to worry because he would give this room to no one else, not for any money.

After a little while, Lakshmi came to the guesthouse owner and offered 1000 rupees for the room, and the owner asked the sage to move out. The sage said, “But you yourself have promised that you won’t expel me for any money!” “But I didn’t expect to be offered that much,” said the owner. Thus, Lakshmi won the argument…


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