Respect for the Wealthy (by V Ruzov)

And don’t forget that if you respect a rich person, and don’t feel envious of him/her, their good karma is transferred to you. But if you are envious of a rich person, your good karma is transferred to him/her. Why should we respect rich people? It seems that oftentimes they are not so noble in their conduct… But we should understand why someone becomes wealthy – this is a result of a great number of good deeds this person did in the past. Regarding how one will handle the fruits of his/her actions, it must be understood that everyone goes through their own set of trials, and not everyone copes with them. Many people fail to stand the test of trial. It doesn’t feel so easy to go through the mill in this world.

The Story

One man overheard that money attracted money. He went to the bank and threw a dollar into the heap of cash. And he began to wait. He waited, but nothing happened. “What in the world are you waiting for, good man?” a banker asked him.
“I came to the bank to see how money attracts money.”
“So now you can see,” said the banker, took the cash and went away.

Remember: prosperity respects those who have respect for seniors. It means that family people should never feel envy towards richer families, criticize them or scold in the presence of children. A family that shows envy follows the downward path of degradation. A family that shows respect is on the upward path of progress. On the whole, it doesn’t matter what level of prosperity we’ll reach – the main thing is that we follow the path of development and progress.


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