Service to Others (by V Ruzov)

Money becomes happy when it is used in the service of others. As long as I serve others, money is happy, and I prosper. But when I start serving myself, want people and money to serve me, I inevitably grow poor. Money will never serve me, it will go away; it cannot be comfortable with the slavish position. Even small children leave home when parents begin to think that children are their slaves. No, children are given to parents for service. Service to children includes feeding, dressing, teaching, raising, entertaining them. If parents serve their children and don’t exploit them, in old age, their service will return to them in the form of prosperity. Children will simply feel compelled to support their elderly parents. Therefore, remember: service always brings on prosperity.

Transition from advancement to degradation is called pride, and it doesn’t last long. Pride in prosperity is assurance that wealth is a sign of intelligence. No, the sign of intelligence is not to take pride in wealth, but to know how to direct wealth toward spiritual goals. A truly wealthy person is the one who knows the proper way to spend the earned money. One should learn the science of spiritual spending from such a person. Wealth used in that way purifies, elevates, spiritualizes one’s consciousness and makes one happy.

Selfish pursuit of affluence aimed at self-gratification is a disease. Indeed, when I love another person – this is beautiful, but when I love myself – this is shameful. Selfish rush for wealth is infectious – it captures the whole consciousness and throws it off balance. Therefore, one should learn the right way to spend money first off, and only then one should learn how to make money. This is a vaccine against selfishness, and parents should inoculate their children with it in the process of upbringing.

In conclusion it must be said that the goddess of fortune is absorbed in love of God, which means if we also love god, She will take care of us like members of Her family.


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